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Fridge Bin Liners

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Quick Overview

Eliminate the messes left in the refrigerator with these washable, reusable liners.
  • Keeps drawers, trays and shelves cleaner
  • Absorbs excess moisture from fruits and vegetables when placed in drawers
  • Reversible fabric
  • Trim to fit any shelve, bin or tray
  • Highly durable and machine washable in cold water with liquid detergent


Eliminate the messes left behind in the refrigerator from sticky jars, dripping cartons, and fruits and vegetables with the Fridge Bin Liners! Use the Fridge Bin Liners in the fruit and vegetable drawers to help retain crispness while allowing air to circulate. Line door trays to prevent sticky jelly rings. Place on a shelf to absorb drips and condensation from milk, juice and wine bottles.

Additional Information

Item # 432701
Brand Envision Home
Size 12" x 24"
Color White
# Per Package 3
How To Use They are so easy to use – just measure the bottom of the refrigerator tray, shelf or crisper bin and cut liner to the desired size. Place the liner on the bottom of the drawer, tray or shelf. Fruits, vegetables and other containers should be placed on top of the liner.
Care Instructions To clean, wipe with a damp cloth as needed. For best results, machine wash in cold water with a liquid detergent. Tumble dry low. Do not iron. Do not use bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets.
Cautions Fridge Bin Liners should not be used as a pot holder, oven mitt or hot pad.