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Pre-Mixed Blends - Fragrance Descriptions

CharmedA complex fruity floral blend. The top note combines tangy Grapefruit and ripe red fruit notes. In the middle is Muguet, White Jasmine and Lily. The base finishes with Musk, Amber and Cedar accents.
Cherry BlossomSweet and subtle scent of red berry blended with white florals and soft woods.
Crisp SnowA crisp, wintery blend. The top notes are green and minty with accords of Apple, Peppermint and Spearmint. The heart of the fragrance is floral with fresh and sweet notes of Vanilla and a hint of Musk.
Fresh AirLike a valley of wildflowers on a warm sunny day this beautiful blend combines top notes of Blue Freesia, Mandarin and Sage with a floral mid-note mix on a base of Golden Patchouli, Sandalwood and Amber.
GB the FragranceNotes of Peony, Jasmine and Lily of the Valley are blended with a hint of Musk for a timeless scent you can wear everyday.
Gimme Some SugarLike its name, this fragrance offers the soothing, comfort of sweet Vanilla. The sweetness is tempered slightly with touches of creamy Coconut and Caramel. The base provides the warmth from Musk and Amber.
HeartA powder soft blend of Citrus, Floral and Cedar notes, warmed by sunlight and deepened with a whisper of Musk. This ultra feminine scent pampers the body and awakens the heart.
Holiday SplendorCitrus zest accented by cinnamon, vanilla and warm spice accords – our Essence of the Season captures all of the nuances of the holidays
Honey CitrusSweet Honey combines with a Citrus complex to create a sophisticated, clean scent.
Iced CranberryA refreshing fruity, winter scent that boasts of tart red cranberries – lightly sweetened.
Jack FrostLean, crisp and exhilarating, like a breath of fresh air. Consist of equal parts of vanilla, coconut & peppermint.
Joy to the GirlSimply elegant…vivid floral notes of sweet Cherry Blossom, White Jasmine, and scented Rosewater float across sun-lit nuances of fresh greens, warm woods and transparent musks. Contains essential oils of Orange, Jasmine and Rose.
Lavender FieldsEqual parts of Lavender and Honeysuckle make this scent reminiscent of a mini-vacation to the south of France.
Licorice TwistA spicy, licorice-like aroma combines with a twist of Mandarin for a warn, sensual fragrance experience.
Mandarin BlossomTop notes of Mandarin with Green Fig and Ginger are softened with Sandalwood to evoke the fragrance of a brisk morning walk.
Mulled CiderReminiscent of a crisp Fall day, country apple notes warmly blend with clove and cinnamon spices.
Olive SoyThis beautiful fragrance enlivens the senses with top notes of bright Lemon Verbena, Violet Leaf and a creamy Soy Milk Accord. Middle notes of Olive Leaf, Linden Blossom, and Jasmine.
PeaceSheer notes of steamed Brown Rice drift through rich, earthy Amaranth grains over spicy highlights of Scarlet Saffron, warm Cassia, and Ambered Vanilla Bean.
Peony BouquetSheer floral scents of Peony, Freesia, and Jasmine blend with an undercurrent of cool Musk.
PerspectiveWatery fruit notes of Apple and Melon blend with a sparkling Citrus accord. The lush floral center of Muguet, Jasmine and Rose is strengthened with precious woods and Musks.
Pumpkin GingerComforting harvest-rich scent of Pumpkin and soothing aromatic Ginger.
Pure GeniusSpiced Plum and Pomegranate lead the way with essences of Violet, Jasmine and Amber to open that perfectly smart part of you.
SoulA refreshing splash of light. This scent is fragrant with Wild Lilies, Mountain Violets and a twist of Mandarin Orange.
Spice MarketAn exotic mix of shaved Ginger, Cinnamon Bark, Cardamom Seeds, Black Peppercorn, Vanilla Bean and sensuous Musk. Close your eyes and let the fragrance transport you.
SpiritThe rain-fresh scent of tiny woodland flowers, wrapped in a warm bouquet of moss and sandalwood. Soft and sensuous as waterfall mist on bare skin.
Spring AirCrisp and refreshing with a hint of sweet Vanilla Musk mixed with Summerwind, this fragrance envelops the body like a light cool breeze after the first spring rain.
Sweet VioletLike a sweet garden in spring, vibrant Violet joins with notes of Rose, Mimosa, Bergamot and Musk.
Verbena ZestFresh Lemon Verbena brightened with grassy herbs and lively green woods.
Winter WonderlandSensual notes of Green Tea and Sandalwood, softly sweetened with a hint of vanilla.
WoodlandA clean, woodsy fragrance that mingles crisp pine with a breadth of fresh air.