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Soap Scum Buster

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Quick Overview

This sponge blasts through and breaks up hard-to-remove soap scum and scale with ease.
  • Break up soap scum and rinse your tub clean with little effort and time
  • Clean ring-around-the-tub with water or your favorite bathroom cleanser
  • Durably constructed to withstand the strongest scrub sessions
  • Comfortably fits hands to prevent fatigue when cleaning
  • Highly durable and machine washable


The Soap Scum Buster gives you an extra boost at cleaning the hard-to-remove soap scum and scale. Soft to the touch and more durable than a traditional cleaning sponge, it will withstand the strongest scrub sessions to ensure your tub is left sparkling clean. This amazing sponge is designed to be used with just water, making it more environmentally friendly than a traditional sponge or cleaning cloth. Does your cleaning job need a little more power? No problem, you can also use the Soap Scum Buster with your favorite bathroom cleanser. Regular use of the Soap Scum Buster will significantly help in reducing soap scum and scale build-up – making bathroom cleaning more efficient.

Additional Information

Item # 412301
Brand Envision Home
Size 6.5" x 4"
# Per Package 1
Care Instructions For best results, thoroughly rinse before and after each use. Air dry.