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Dog Shaming Notepad

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Snap a photo and join the fun!


They are always happy to see us. They comfort us in our times of need. They also eat our shoes, stain our carpets, and embarrass us in front of our guests. Dog owners everywhere have found their outlet, where they can confess their dog's biggest (and often grossest!) sins, which turn out to be recognizably universal.

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Item # 583703
Brand S&T
# Per Package 1
How To Use Write down what silliness your dog has done on one of the sheets. Next, loosely hang the adjustable cord around their neck. Lastly, snap a photo and share with the world (or keep for yourself for fun). If they act out again, simply tear the sheet along the perforated dots and continue to the next blank sheet and repeat. If your dog doesn't like the notepad hanging on his/her neck, simply tear the sheet of paper from the notepad and place next to the dog.
Cautions Always supervise your dog when using the Dog Shaming Notepad.