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Create Your Own Blend - Fragrance Descriptions

AlmondA nutty scent that is both wonderful and warm with a hint of vanilla.
AmberSlightly sweet and soft with a base of warm woods and musk.
AniseAn exotic blend of fresh fruits deepens with Black Licorice nuances and warms with sweet woody notes.
Apple MelonA fruity blend of sweet melons with fresh sliced apples.
Apple OrchardFresh picked, bright juicy red apple bursting with freshness. A fruit captured at its peak of ripeness.
BabyFresh, clean and soft, reminiscent of baby powder.
BlackberryMouth-watering notes of tart red berries and vine-ripened blackberries are warmed with a touch of sweet vanilla that lingers in the senses.
CassisA soft, sweet blackcurrant berry with a hint of floral.
CherryThe bold scent of cherry rich and sweet.
ChocolateA beautiful blend of sweet Milk Chocolate with a hint of Vanilla and Honey.
Citrus MuskVery light hints of citrus and musk.
CloveSpicy and warm - fresh cloves with a hint of cinnamon and ginger.
CoconutLike a trip to the islands this fragrance is pure, fresh coconut with a hint of Vanilla.
Coconut MuskA fruity blend of fresh Coconut with a warm musk base.
CucumberCool and crisp like freshly sliced cucumbers.
Dark MuskA deep woody fragrance with nuances of Blood Orange and Lemon Peel.
Desert MuskA woodsy musk fragrance with floral top notes on a warm base of vanilla and musk.
Egyptian MuskA lighter blend of musk that combine florals and fresh citrus accords with a woody base.
Floral MuskWith Floral accords of muguet, bois de rose blended into a base of china musk and Tahitian vanilla.
FreesiaA bouquet of flowers with nuances of bergamot and fruit make this scent just lovely.
Fresh PeachScent of a freshly sliced ripe Georgia peach.
GardeniaA sweet floral with a hint of amber undertones.
GrapefruitTart citrus scent of a white grapefruit, tangy yet slightly sweet.
Green TeaAn alluring, invitingly clean refreshing light scent.
HoneysuckleA fresh green, woody base is wrapped with subtly sweet white floral accords, ylang ylang and rose.
JasmineCaptures the essence of midnight jasmine, leafy greens and delicate lily.
LavenderReminiscent of the lavender fields in warm, sunny Provence.
LemonFresh lemons – sunny and tart, bursting with citrus zing!
LemongrassSweet lemons combined with refreshing green notes make for a light, sparkling everyday scent.
Light MuskNuances of jasmine and muguet blended into a musky base to create a light warm scent.
Lily of the ValleySweet white floral bouquet with a subtle base of soft musk and sandalwood.
MandarinCrisp, clean juicy green notes are balanced with delicate mandarin floral and soft woods for a sensual citrus experience.
MangoRipe luscious mango is blended with luscious tropical fruits in this enticing impression of paradise.
Morning RainA watery floral accord of lily of the valley, cyclamen, rose and jasmine create a beautiful light scent, like a morning rain.
Oriental MuskVery light and floral with a dark musk base.
PatchouliJust as you remember! A strong earthy, musk scent.
PearRefreshing and light scent of fresh juicy slices of pears.
PeppermintRevitalize your sense with this refreshing clean scent that is pure mint.
PineappleThe scent of fresh ripe pineapple, very refreshing.
Pink GrapefruitFresh, fruity and sweet just like a freshly cut pink grapefruit.
Pink PeppercornA spicy, sultry scent-the fragrance opens with a green, earthy aroma and the base enhances the Pepper accord with a rich, amber, woody foundation.
Pink PlumeriaA sweet, tropical floral-this fragrance opens with a touch of fruity floral green and the base enhances the Plumeria blooms with a simple yet definitive white musk accord.
RaspberryLike fresh picked raspberries, refreshing and mouthwatering.
SandalwoodFloral top notes combine with a soft woody base to create a light, oriental scent.
SpiceA spicy blend of cinnamon and clove with a hint of sugar.
StrawberrySweet fresh strawberries with a subtle hint of vanilla.
Summer BerryA sweet blend of raspberries, strawberries and blueberries will remind you of a warm summer day!
SummerwindA fresh coastal blend of floral top notes with a woody base notes.
Sweet PatchouliFloral top & mid notes mixed with earthy patchouli creates a warm scent with a touch of sweetness.
Sweet PeaA light sweet fragrance with sweet pea, honeysuckle and freesia to create a scent that can be used alone or blended.
TangerineFresh picked, juicy tangerine and sparkling citrus notes are softened with sheer white florals and a touch of earthy musk and vanilla.
Tea RoseA softer version of our rose scent, this smells like a combination of rose petals and rose water.
VanillaOur most popular note! A warm sweet scent that is perfect to blend with any fragrance note.
Vanilla MuskA woodsy musk with a Vanilla base.
White CloverA sweet green scent with a hint of floral and musk.
White GingerThis tropical floral fragrance combines notes of white ginger lily with green base notes for a sultry, alluring fragrance.