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Microfiber Final Shine Cleaning Towels

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Quick Overview

Soft and plush, these towels quickly and effectively make quick work of cleaning to reveal a brilliant shine.
  • Unique fiber lifts and traps dust, dirt and other surface contaminants
  • Clean windows and mirrors streak-free and crytsal clear
  • Use wet or dry, cleans without chemicals
  • Washable and reusable


The secret of these Microfiber Final Shine Cleaning Towels lies in the revolutionary micro-weave which combines friction, static energy and capillary effect to trap and remove dust, dirt smudges, streaks and even smoker's haze.

Additional Information

Item # 945103
Brand Viking
Size 16" x 24"
# Per Package 3
Usage Tip(s) For really clean windows, roll them down a few inches before your start. The top edges seat against a rubber gasket and can become very dirty. Clean the top edges first, using a separate cloth. Roll the windows back up and clean the remaining glass with a clean cloth.
Directions For Use For best results, hand or machine wash separately in cold water with a liquid detergent. Air dry or tumble dry low. Do not iron. Do not use bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets.
Cautions The Microfiber Final Shine Towels will not scratch surfaces; however, they can pick up and trap particles that may scratch. For best results, wash your Towels after each use.

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