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Genuine Leather Chamois

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Genuine Leather Chamois absorbs not only water, but also tiny dirt particles left behind in washing.
  • Handcrafted, 100% fish oil tanned
  • Absorbs up to 7 times its weight in water
  • Polishes as it dries
  • Lint free and clear coat safe
  • Lasts for years with proper care

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Starting at: $10.00


Genuine Leather Chamois absorbs not only water, but also tiny dirt particles left behind in washing that cause spotting and streaking. Chamois skin is so absorbent that it is used in filtering jet fuel where even the tiniest amount of water and foreign particles can cause millions of dollars of damage to an aircraft. It is fish oil tanned from the split of a sheepskin; no other drying product imparts a brilliant shine like a chamois and will last for years.

Additional Information

Item # 3 sq ft: 913313, 5 sq ft: 913513
Brand Viking
# Per Package 1
Directions For Use Prior to use, thoroughly wash your Chamois in lukewarm water with a mild soap to remove any excess tanning oil. Rinse the chamois in clean water and gently wring out. Chamois should be used damp for drying the surfaces of cars, boats and RV’s that have already been thoroughly washed. When the Chamois becomes saturated with water simply wring out and continue wiping the surface until the area is dry.
Cautions To preserve the life of your chamois do not use it with strong chemicals, or to wipe grease and oil. Chamois should not be used in place of a sponge or wash mitt for cleaning. The chamois does not scratch but can trap particles that do scratch.
Care Instructions After each use, wash your chamois with mild soap and water. Allow the chamois to air dry away from direct sunlight and excessive heat. The Chamois will stiffen while drying, however will soften upon re-wetting.